Birding in Ängra

Silence and Birds…

Wildlife Sweden ‘Camp Ängra’ is situated close to Sweden’s geographic middle.Living in the middle of this wilderness is amazing.It takes a while before you realise and recognise the most overwhelming sound there is…The sound of silence… But then…, when the sun slowly starts climbing at the horizon and the sky is colouring red and orange,and dawn is rising from the land…, it’s where the magic begins. All around you, you can hear birds start calling. First you hear the Northern Raven and the Jay…, it’s like they are waking up all the other birds and animals. An other phenomenon happens every year again around Ascension-day when the Cuckoo starts calling…, kukoo kukoo kukoo…That sound…, with the sound of silence on the background…, fabulous!

Western Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus)

Also known as: Wood Grouse and is called ‘Tjäder’ in Swedish.

This majestic bird is the largest member of the grouse family and is renowned for its mating display. The courting season of the Cappercaillie starts early spring and lasts almost two months. Three-quarters of this long courting season is mere territorial competition between neighbouring cocks or cocks on the same courting ground. Watching the birds courting is one of the most spectacular wildlife happenings we know. From April untill the first two weeks of May is absolutely the best season to come and watch their courting ceremony.


Welcome to the ceremony,….
let the games begin!

Both birds, Tjäder and Orre, are related to eachother and they have the same exciting courting ceremony at almost the same time of the year.Best way to see them is to get as close to the arena as possible the night before because they are courting mainly in the early morning. We have small cabins at some off the Arena’s where you can stay the night and watch the ceremony with sunset.

Black Grouse (Tetrao tetrix)

Called for ‘Orre’ in Swedish

A rather large bird and also member of the grouse family.Black grouse have a very distinctive and well-recorded courtship ritual or game which is same exciting to watch as the Wood Grouse.They often start ‘playing’ in January already and they hold on till the end of May also. At dawn in the spring, the males strut around in a traditional area and display whilst making a highly distinctive mating call. This process is called a lek the grouse are said to be lekking.

Beside these beautiful birds above, you are also very well able to see other exciting birds like:

Crane bird, Golden Eagle, Eagle owl, Osprey, the Raven and Black-throated Loon.