Wildlife watching

Enjoy nature

Always wanted to enjoy the beautiful nature of Sweden?

We offer various types of wildlifewatching in the surroundings of our location. Spot bears, wolverines, beavers, moose and much more! We provide our visitors with tips and tricks along the trip together. Let’s start connecting with nature!

Watching wildlife with a personal touch.

“Wildlife Sweden stands for explicit wildlife experiences for smaller groups and has become well known because of its successful way of spotting wildlife. Watching wildlife is more than just sitting and watching. It is our goal to let you really connect with nature.”

Bears, wolverines, beavers and moose. We’ll watch it…
There is no such thing as a “bear safari” but we welcome you to join us on our moose- or beaver safari. The best way for spotting bears & wolverines is from a special fixed photo hide like we have. Since 2010 we are qualified and highly experienced in luring these mammals and have we been able to create a unique way for spotting these exciting Scandinavian predators.

Watching Brown Bear & Wolverine

From our floating photo-hide you are able to watch these amazing animals in their natural habitat on a safe and secure way at approx. 25 metre distance. In the cabin, which lays on a lake deep in the forest, there are 4 chairs, 3 beds a toilet and a heather.

Our cabin is small, so no large groups or strangers while you are watching, it will be your unique experience.

Besides the bears and wolverines also the golden eagle have been spotted very often in front of our photo hide and even the wolf shows up so every now and then.

Ursus arctos – björn, european brown bear, bruine beer, oso pardo, braunbär.
Gulo gulo – järv, wolverine, veelvraat, glotón, vielfrass.
Canis lupus – varg, wolf, lobo.
Aquila chrysaetos – kungsörn, golden eagle, steenarend, Águila real, steinadler.

Our floating hide is available throughout the year. Please contact us for more information on the best timing for specific wildlife

Adult SEK 1850,-

Cabin for yourself (1 person) SEK 2650,-

Kids SEK 750,- (child up to 13 years)

Moose safari

Visiting Sweden and not seeing a moose…, unfortunately it happens more often because the Scandinavian population of moose is decreasing. Spotting the “King of the Forest” in the wild is a great experience but it is not so easy.

So if you want to see a moose please join us on a 4×4 tour, an experienced guide will take you to these special spots deep in the forest. We only take small groups out on our moose safaris (maximum 4 guests) so our guide will be able to give personal attention during the whole tour.

This tour takes approximately 2,5 hours.

Alces alces – älg, moose, eland, alce, elch.

Booking a moose safari is possible from 15 may until 20 august

Adult SEK 1500,-

Kids SEK 750,- (child up to 13 years)

Beaver safari

Imagine yourself sitting in a canoe…, smoothly gliding on the water surface and all of a sudden a beaver shows up and starts swimming towards you, a splash…. and gone he is. What a moment! …will he show up again?

Best moment for spotting a beaver is during twilight, in this part of Sweden it hardly gets dark at all, especially in June and July, so lots of chance to see them.
Also here matters that we don’t take large groups, maximum 4 canoes or 8 guests during this tour.

This tour takes approximately 2 hours.

Castor fiber – bäver, beaver, bever, castor, biber.

Booking a beaver safari is possible from 15 may until 20 august

Adult SEK 1500,-

Kids SEK 750,- (child up to 13 years)

Oh yes…, that question about guarantee.

We are talking about wildlife, real wildlife…, real nature! So please do realize that we cannot give you a 100% guaranty on seeing these exciting mammals but with our experience and by knowing their habits we are increasing the chance on finding- and showing them to you.

We’ll do anything possible to get you closer, that’s what we guarantee you!