Winter in Ängra

Welcome to
Swedish Winter Wonderland

Wildlife Sweden-Camp Ängra offers a variety of exciting winter activities for young and old. Have you ever catched a fish while the lake is frozen…, or discovered the landscape on a snowmobile? Gliding through the woods on a dogsledge or tracking moose walking through deep powder snow on snowshoes…We offer you that chance!

Husky safari

We take you out on a fantastic nature experience. After a intense barking and howling concert of the dogs it suddenly becomes completely silent when we release them. The only thing you can hear is the panting of the dogs and the sound of their soft pawsmaking their way through the untouched snow. On this tour two people drive a sled with 5-6 dogs, one is the musher and the other one sits in the sled, then you take turns. A guide always runs the first sled to show the way. Halfway we make a break for a drink and cake. The tour, including instructions how to run your team of dogs, takes approximately 2-2.5 hours from arrival until were back.

Price for an adult from SEK 950 ;- each

Price for children from SEK 475 ;- each
(Up till 13 years of age)


On snowmobiles we will bring you to the lake which lays about 20 minutes from our basecamp. The lake is frozen…., coverd by at least 40 cm solid ice. You will get to make your own hole trough the ice and after a short instruction on how to catch the fish under the ice it’s your turn! The trip lasts approximitly 4 hours and we will make you a cosy campfire to warm us up and grill some sausage. Don’t hasitate to bring your children. We only charge SEK 50;- for lunch and drinks.

Icefishing Tour Costs: SEK 850;- PP
Tour is inclusive transfer, lunch, fishingpermit and equipment

Snowmobile safari

On all our tours a guide, who knows the area and takes you to the best spots, will follow. Lunch at the campfire and drinks are included when you are booking a 4 or 6 hour Snowmobile-safari with us. Don’t hasitate to bring your children, we only charge SEK 50;- for lunch and drinks. Have you never ride on a snowmobile before? Don’t worry we will help you.

Please notice: To ride a snowmobil you need to have a driverslicense!

A one hour tour Costs: SEK 750;- PP
One person extra SEK 250;-

Day Tour (ca. 6 hours) costs SEK 3500;- pp
One person extra SEK 1000;-

A four hour tour costs SEK 2500;- pp
One person extra SEK 750;-

Wildlife tracking tour!

We will guide you and try to show you Moose, Black Grouse and Capercaille. The tour takes about 4 hours and half the way we will take a break at the campfire to warm us up and to eat and drink some. At least we will be able to show you their traces, but on almost all our tours we where able to see some wildlife.

Exciting Safari Costs SEK 850;-
Tour is inclusive lunch, guide and a short snowmobiltransfer.


Our guided tour takes about 4 hours and includes a campifire lunch. During this tour we will lead you safely trough the forrest and show you our amazing landscape. Experience the sound of silence… Beside our guided tour you can also just rent a pair and go out on your own.

This ‘breathtaking’ tour costs SEK 750;-PP

Rental of a pair of snowshoes costs SEK 175;- per day.